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Are you challenged with a life transition, illness, your relationship with a mate, your children or other family member?

Are you struggling with depression or anxiety?

Are you looking to be more self aware and live a more fullfilling and meaningful life?

I bring over 45 years of experience as a therapist to my work with individuals, couples and families in helping them resolve the issues that are causing pain and distress in their lives, and helping them attain a positive sense of self and well-being. My perspective is holistic in that I integrate traditional, spiritual and energetic therapeutic approaches in my work..

I specialize in using Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves as I have found it to be the most effective, clear and profound tool for real and long-standing growth and change.

Voice Dialogue is a method for learning about, and working with the 'inner family of selves' that comprise who we are. By exploring how these inner selves operate we can identify those that keep us from realizing our full potential - like the 'inner critic', 'perfectionist' and 'workaholic' - and make deep, significant changes that allow us to transform long-standing negative patterns.

The good news is that we can work through the challenges that bring us to counseling by learning how this inner family of selves determine the way we see the world, control our behavior, interact with the significant people in our lives and limit our choices. We learn to be the 'Chairperson" of our various and diverse selves rather than being controlled by any one self.

I'm dedicated to helping my clients move through difficult life chapters and achieve a more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

You can call or email me for an individual, couples or family therapy consultation at 410.849.3805, [email protected].

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